Monday, May 10, 2010

Auckland to Christchurch (+Queenstown)...anyone wanna come?

Due to a last minute cancellation at work I am able to take the bike down to my works annual conference in Christchurch this weekend/next week – yes late notice I know but would love it if I hade some company for some/all of the way  - Heres the plan – CHANGE OF ROUTE -

This Friday pm (14th) – Auckland to Hamilton – stay the night at my folks place.
Saturday – Hamilton to Wellington (straight down the middle)
Saturday night – stay in Wellington somewhere
Sunday am – Ferry across to Picton
Sunday – Picton to Christchurch
Monday – Wednesday – at the conference in Christchurch City.
Thursday – Christchurch to Queenstown
Thursday/Friday/Saturday – stay in Queenstown catching up with friends
Saturday – Queenstown to halfway up the west coast to Ross or there abouts
Saturday night – accomodation west coast
Sunday - To Nelson
Sunday night - stay with Kiwibiker member for night
Monday morning - ferry across then ride to New Plymouth (stay Mon night in New Plymouth)
Tuesday – New Plymouth to Auckland
Tuesday night – collapse in a heap at home!

Anyway, if you would like to join me for some or part of the way give me a buzz/text on 021 766 432 so we can arrange.

Updated map:

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Cheers, Nick. (nest4u)

PS. Do I need tie downs for the ferry or does the ferry provide them? And if I do does someone have some I could borrow? Thanks a mil.


Andrew Thomson said...

Have fun, hope the weather plays ball!

Andrew Thomson said...

Just saw your PS. Depends on the ferry - some of their gear is pretty crappy. I take my own tie downs.

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