Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Days 4-6 Christchurch then to Queenstown tomorrow

This is a quick "diary" entry before I head to our final posh evening dinner and end of year awards at the conference. I've had a great three days at the Harcourts' conference - in fact I think it has been the best yet!

We had a number of outstanding speakers. The last keynote speaker was the chap who wrote the autobiography - Maos Last Dancer (theres a movie too I think) - he was simply outstanding and a true inspiration indeed. We also had a number of great speakers who talked specifically about the world of real estate, however that is for another forum not this oen. All I will say is that it really has been a great three days catching up with friends and colleagues from across the Harcourts family.

I did manage to pop out at lunchtime and pick up some new gloves which will be more suitable for the "deep south" Apparently the gloves I bought should stand any inclement weather both cold and/or wet so thats great - we will see. I also picked up some boot covers and polypropolene socks just to make sure, however, it has actually been quite mild down here. Thanks to the great hotel Im staying at I have had undercover parking for the bike and all my wet weather gear is nice and dry.

Planning on leaving at about 9.00amish tomorrow morning and heading south. Am looking forward to get back on the bike tomorrow and carry on my journey.

When I return to Auckland I will upload some of my journey photos - just for those of you (Kevin) who dont like reading too much.:)

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