Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 1 - Auckland to Turangi

What an awesome days ride! Have now arrived and found some accomodation at the motel that time forgot - actually, its very clean and tidy and theres an area to park my bike undercover which is great. (+ internet access) - I think Ive just been softened from all the years living in the middle of Auckland City.

It is times like this that I wish I had an iphone then I could do all this at my fingertips. I do have some photos I took today but they're on my old fashioned camera and I dont have the connection to upload so will have to wait until my return.

I woke up this morning in Auckland to a stunning day - blue sky and not a cloud in view. I decided to leave a litlle earlier and to make the most of the great weather as it was opposite to the weather forecast.

Anyway, my other half had spent the night sorting out my clothes and making sure everything fit in my bags. (Im so lucky :)) so I was good to go!

Zooming down the motorway I had not a care in the world - I had put a "Im out of Auckland" message on my phone and email so that was that.

Shot over the Bombay Hills and enjoyed the back road down to Hamilton. As soon as I hit Huntly I was reminded of my childhood in the Waikato bicycling to schools in the pea soup fog because thats what greeted me just south of Huntly. It didnt dampen my spirits though and I arrived in time for a warm lunch with the folks. Set off from Hamilton at about 12.30 fully expecting the rain to arrive but it just didnt. Decided to shoot down SH1 and turn off at Tokoroa and head down the west side of the lake. What a great choice that was! Through the Pureora Forest past a few landmarks of my childhood again and on to Turangi! About 350km's I think.

Apparently the weathers meant to be crap tomorrow so well see what the day holds.

Right, Im off to put another layer of clothing on :) Tomorrow, Wellington!

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