Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 10 - Wakefield(Nelson) to Taupo

After a very hospitable night at PCs we set off at 6.30am in the morning to Nelson then PC kindly led me through to the other side to the road to Picton. Still in the dark but with 140kms to cover to get to Picton for the ferry the rain set in again and it was softly softly through some pretty tight corners and lots of huge trucks to find myself at the ferry terminal. The rain was pelting down and the lady at the ferry kindly let me park undercover until it was time to get on the ferry.

After a decent wait I rode on to the ferry and used the tie downs (thanks again Scotty) and a couple of extra tie downs that were on the boat to firmly secure the old girl for the journey as the sign ominously said a "moderate" weather crossing across the straight. Berthed at Wellington to more rain and decided to just head North as far as I felt like going.

Set off again - managed to lose the extra wet weather cover of my front bag somewhere on the boat, however, it was too late to worry. Got to Foxton and stopped for a coffee and smoke and I was off again. I had decided because there were gale force warnings and storm warnings all down the North Island that I would head straight up the middle and leave New Plymouth for another day. It seemed like the right decision as from Foxton to Waiouru the rain held off so was able to enjoy those magnificent roads again.

Arrived at Waiouru at dusk and for a moment the clouds cleared and I had an awesome view of Mt Ruapehu. Jumped off the bike to take a quick photo then decided that I would head to Taupo.

Through the desert road the cloud cover was down to my ankles again. Popped out at Turangi and it was now completely dark with the rain really pelting. Saw that it was 60kms to Taupo so thought - what the heck, Ill carry on. This was the only part of the 3000km's that I didnt enjoy - it was pitch black, I had my tinted visor on and it was the heaviest rain of the trip. I actually had pretty much no visibility - when cars were coming the other way I had absolutely no visibility and a couple of times couldnt tell if I was on the road or not!, however, I popped out at Taupo and found the first motel I came across and derobed - again, the wet weather gear did an awesome job!

Spent the night and with a sense of sadness that my journey was coming to an end set off for Auckland in the morning. I have had such a blast it has just been awesome! More tomorrow.

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