Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 2 - Turangi to Wellington

Arrived in Wellington quite early after a great days ride.

Had a crap sleep at the motel in Turangi as I was awakened by torrential rain on the roof so was interested to see what the morning held. Packed up and left the motel at about 8.30am. The cloud cover was thick and it was raining intermittingly so I threw on all my wet weather gear which performed admirably and kept me toasty warm and dry which was great.

Hit the desert road and was immediatly hit by cloud cover down to my ankles, and an extremely wet surface, so it was carefully through this magnificent road. Stopped to get a snap of the mountain (well, the clouds around the mountasin :))Also stopped at Waiouru and had a couple of the best flat whites I have ever had along with some very tasty eggs benedict. By this stage the cloud was lifting with just the lightest drizzle.In fact I enjoyed this stretch of the road so much that I hardly even stopped for a smoke break.

As I headed down SH1 I was reminded of just how beautiful our country is and the old girl was enjoying herself as the km's passed under her wheels. The road got drier and drier as I headed south and I must say there is something very special about zooming along at a decent clip with barely another vehicle in view.

Around Levin the road got busier and as I headed in to Wellington around 1.30pm I thought Id go and check out where I had to go for the ferry. Parked up and thought I might be able to change my ticket and zip across on the next ferry but it was all booked out so headed into the city to find some accomodation.

What an awesome day! Tomorrow, the South :)

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