Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 3 - Wellington to Christchurch

One word - F***ING WET!!!

From the moment I drove off the ferry at Picton to when I drove in to the hotel in Christchurch it didnt stop raining, and when I say rain, I mean pelting rain with minimal visibility.

Jumped on the ferry early this morning in Wellington and met another biker heading home to Christchurch - he kindly showed me how to use the tie ons (thanks Scottie :) effectively and as we were sorting it out a young fella on a sport bike managed to knock his bike over while he was trying to tie it up. Luckily, no damage.

Anyway, it was a fairly calm sail across the water to the Marlborough Sounds. When we arrived in Picton there was no visibility and by Blenheim I was soaked - I have to say though that my wet weather gear was great and when I arrived here in Christchurch I realised my body was actually dry, it was just my hands and feet that were wet.

(NOTE TO ME - Buy thermal gloves and socks for next leg of journey)

Even though the weather was crap, I really enjoyed the ride. Even stopped at Kaikoura for half a crayfish and hot chocolate to warm the insides and my hands. Set off round the curly bits and this was when the weather was the worst. Once I got to the plains was able to crank it up a bit and for most of the journey shared the road with a white Ford Falcon.

As I arrived in to Christchurch the tripomenter showed 1000km's for the journey so far and only a few km's to go until the old girl celebrates her 40,000km mark.

Anyway, now at my work conference for the next three days before heading to Queenstown on Thursday. I must say the journey itself makes the work conference a side event (but shhh...dont tell my boss) :)

Will blog again at the end of the week probably.

So far, even with some iffy weather, a hell of a lot of fun!

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Michelle Coles said...

Awesome so pleased the trip has been enjoyable for you!
Now to get the work part over with and hopefully some great weather for the ride home!
xx Mitch

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