Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 7 - Christchurch to Queenstown

I have just had the most AMAZING day - and thats an understatement! I would go so far as to say it has been the most fun day on my motorbike that I have ever had and Ive ridden quite a few kms in the 20 years on and off that Ive owned motorbikes.

I left Christchurch and it was dry but overcast. After getting through the city I headed down SH1. The weather cleared and it was cool and clear. My feet were toasty warm in their new socks and the new gloves worked a treat.

Before I knew it I was out of all built up areas and it felt like I was the only person in the world. The old girl was enjoying herself too and I had to keep making sure I wasn't going too fast because the roads were just awesome. The scenery was simply staggering and the colours of all the trees as they hold on to the last of their dying leaves just took my breath away.

With the hum of the C90 I found peace and tranquility only bikers can appreciate. I was constantly torn between stopping and taking photos and just riding for the pure joy and exhiliration.

I travelled about 480 kms today with a lunch stop in Twizel and a few photo and smoke breaks. All in all an outstanding day. I am now in Queenstown for two nights catching up with some friends. I have currently just had the best roast chicken dinner with gravy and am sitting in front of a nice warm fire.

Saturday the plan is to head up the west coast.

*I will have photos next week when I get back to Auckland

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Geoff James said...

Excellent! Riding in the South Island is something else. wish I was there, particularly as it's pretty ugly in the Coromandel today.

Watch for cops at Ross. They patrol the 50 km/hr limit pretty vigorously - good job I had a radar detector :-)

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