Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 8 - Queenstown to Greymouth - wow!

What an awesome day again. Somehow I managed ti miss most of the rain. I set off quite early from Queenstown - it was bloody freezing with beautiful blue skies and a light frost, however, all kitted up I was snuggly warm all day with my scarf topping off the gear.

Before I knew it I was zooming past Wanaka - stopped for a quick petrol stop - saw a number of bikers who were obviously heading off for a group ride - managed to pay more attention to them than putting my stand up properly and managed to gently drop my bike - luckily no damage that I could tell so on I went.

Before I knew it I was riding through Haast Pass and what magnificent scenery it was. There had obviously been a light drop of snow the night beofre on a number of the peaks and it was truly magical. Popped out at Haast and began my journey to the Glaciers - the roads were truly spectacular and a riders dream - sweeping corners, great scenery and bugger all traffic.

(**NOTE FOR THOSE OF YOU PLANNING A SIMILAR TRIP - I was worried about fuel stops along the way but there are actually quite a few so just fill up as you pass a gas station - if my C90 can cope then your bike can too :))

Stopped for a late lunch at Franz Joseph and ate overpriced fish and chips with a luke warm flat white. The temperature was actually very mild.

Was going to stay at a little place called Ross that was suggested to me but I actually made good time and there was still quite a bit of light left in the day so carried on to Hokitika. Filled up again at Hokitika and actually decided to carry on to Greymouth where Ive found myself a tidy motel to stay at.

All in all it has been a great day - 526kms of some of the most beautiful NZ countryside travelled today - tomorrow up to Westport then across to Nelson.

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