Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Left to go to work, ended up in Thames :)

Got up this morning and zoomed in to the office briefly - It was a great day and thought I would prefer to go for a bit of a ride as my diary looked pretty clear and I am working this weekend.

Left the office in Ponsonby at about 11.00am and wondered where I would go for lunch. Initially thought I would head north but then decided I would head towards Miranda as I hadnt been on some of those roads. Headed down the motorway and fuelled up at Papakura. Was going to get off at SH2 but then decided to get off at Drury and head towards Ararimu and East until I hit the water. Discovered some magnificent riding roads and there was no one around. Got lost a couple of times but popped out at Miranda. Thought Id keep going and ended up in Thames in the Coromandel so stopped for lunch and soaked in the sunshine before heading home. This could be a great little mid winter group ride.

Honestly, the weather couldnt have been better. Anyway, heres the route - (roughly)

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MasterBry said...

Dam, I wish I had txted ya now, was a great day today, and those are some good roads out there, I know them well.

Nice Blogging!

Anonymous said...

Usuall head off from the Shore and turn off the motorway at Manukau City. Head out toward Clevedon, then down through Miranda and Kiawa. Beautiful ride, some twisties and some nice long bits. You didn't find a bike glove in Thames by any chance - we lost one there last year. LOL.

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