Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trip Review

*Before reading, dont forget to click on the tab just above to check out the photos and feel free to start at Blog Post "Day1" (under blog archive on right hand side of this page) and then it all makes sense.*

Well, in a nutshell, there were lots of highlights - below is a brief synopsis of the facts and a couple of little pointers if you a planning a decent motorbike trip of NZ.

Total Distance Travelled: 3291km's
Riding Days: 8 days
Total Days away: 12 days
Longest Km Day: 526km's (Queenstown to Greymouth)
Shortest Km Day: 279km's (Taupo to Auckland)

Mishaps: Dropped bike at service station in Wanaka, Lost extra wet weather cover for front bag somewhere on the ferry

Couldnt live without: Wet weather gear (good gloves too and polyprop socks)
Insulation tape for any unforseeable rips in bags, etc

Something I would take for next time: Polyprop gloves for inside my gloves.

Something I have learnt: Life is for living, so just get out and do it!

Review of the route:

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Next trip is an overnighter to Cape Reinga.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by :)


Geoff James said...

Fantastic trip and photos! We are so lucky in NZ.

Recognised your Whakamaru photos immediately as I have some near-identical ones. Used to live in Tokoroa pre-retirement and that was my local riding area!

Andrew Thomson said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip. I can't get enough of South Island scenery and roads. Will be back down there again on next year's Southern Cross!

Nick said...

Thanks for your comments guys :) Much appreciated...nice to find other like minded folks online.

Unknown said...

Was great to see you in Queenstown, we've grown lots of snow for you since then so you'll need to come back and take more photos. Put the washing you left behind folded up in "your" room for you x

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