Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Short Ride out of the City...

Yesterday I took a bit of a ride out of Auckland.

Met up with two bikes and we headed off in great weather over the Bombay Hills, down SH2 with the first stop Paeroa for a morning cofee. We then headed towards the South Waikato - took a great road following the ranges and ended up somewhere near Matamata. Took a small detour just out of Tirau to the pub for a shandy, then to Tirau for lunch. Headed back through Hamilton, round the back through Gordonton then through the back of Huntly past the power station and stopped one final time at the Rangiriri Pub, then home to Auckland.

The weather was great and it was a great ride just for fun :)

Next weekend its an overnighter to Cape Reinga - really looking forward to it.

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Geoff James said...

Nice ride!

Was it the Okoroire pub that you stopped at? I always called there for a feed when we lived in Tokoroa.

Nick said...

Absolutely - its a beautiful spot that pub - actually it was really quiet which surprised me.

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