Saturday, July 10, 2010

I've bought a new bike...

Yes, I love my C90 but I had the opportunity to purchase a brand new C109R at a ridiculously good price. In fact I was beginning to save up for a new Triumph Thunderbird but this was just too good a opportunity to pass up. I have never owned a totally new bike so it is quite exciting :)

After much haggling and negotiating I managed to get more for my trade in than what I payed for it 10,000 km's ago :) and a whole lot of great add ons.

The C109R is a big bike - 1800CC and over 350kgs heavy and quite imposing. It is definitely not a sport bike, however, I am in love with the riding position (the same as the C90), and the larger fuel tank and the massive power if needed. I also love the colour - its maroon (dark dark red). I will pick it up the middle of the week as they are putting on a sissy bar and rack; side panniers and extra lights on the front.

Tomorrow a group of us are off to the Puhoi Pub and it will be my last chance to take the C90 out. I will be a little sad as I have equally loved this bike.

Heres a pic of the new bike (not the actual bike, but it gives you the idea)  
Thanks to a couple of members at for these photos :) Hope thats okay.

Heres a couple more photos I found:


Geoff James said...

Congratulations on the new purchase! My wife reckons that if she ever comes on the back with me again, it's going to be on an M109!

Andrew Thomson said...

Nice! That new bike smell eh? I actually quite like it's brother the M109.

Roger said...

Lovely bike. I am not a cruiser man myself, but I have always thought these bikes are great and very underated. Well done, I am sure you are enjoying her now that you have had a couple of decent rides.

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