Friday, November 5, 2010

I have been so SLACK...

I just wanted to briefly update my blog so that if anyone does actually read it :) they know I'm still around. I have just been incredibly busy and when I have had time I didnt have the energy to jump on line.

I have been loving the new bike - nearly 6000km's so far and that includes a little break when it had to go in to the shop because of a little mishap between myself, the road and a telephone poll.

Long story short, my ego was more bruised than me as it was a "slow speed" "slow motion" mishap coming out of the service station going about 3kms an hour :) - Ive been riding 20 years and it was the stupidest thing - however, a really good reminder that

a. I have short legs and
b.the bike is heavy and
c. its so important to be focused at all times on the bike.

Since the last blog Ive been all over the North Island when Ive had time which has been just awesome! and did I say that I'm having a love affair with the bike?

Anyway, hope all is well out in motorbike land for you.



Geoff James said...

Hello Nick you slackarse - missed you!

Sorry to hear about your ego damage at slow speed - did it twice on the Blacjbird so you're far from alone in that respect.

Good to see you back!

Roger said...

I think i would like to hear more detail please.....there is a good story in there some where!

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