Monday, November 15, 2010

I have a new email and domain name...

With a little bit of time on my hands I always fall into the trap of tinkering with my websites and everything related, so, on that note I have a new email address and domain name.

I have bought the domain name and am in the process of moving my blog to that domain name. It makes little change in that the original address of will still work however what I really wanted was a new email address that I could take anywhere and use anywhere and that was not work related and also was not a free one covered in advertising, so the new email is up and running and I think Ive updated it in the records, so if you need to message me just use this new email address - I have checked that it is working.

On motorbike matters, my beauty is due for her 6000km service - the way Ive been racking up the km's it feels that my second home is colemans suzuki. I mananaged to get away on Friday and spent the night in Hamilton catching up with my lovely folks - I actually took a long block down to Hamilton via Matamata and Tirau and managed to very nearly run out of gas - luckily I came across a service station just in time.

I am also keen to get an ipod or something that I can listen to a bit of music while riding - I dont really want an ear piece as I still want to be able to concentrate - any suggestions? Below is the small run I did on Fri/Sat

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Andrew Thomson said...

I have some speakers inside my helmet which are loud enough to still be able to hear the music/GPS when I'm wearing my custom ear plugs.

Alternatively get some ear plugs with built-in ear phones - something I'm thinking of doing.

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