Friday, November 19, 2010

Over 700km's on the bike today...

Have just come back from an awesome days ride. :)

A friend of mine was heading to Wellington for the weekend so I tagged along as far as Turangi then meandered back to Auckland. The weather was just awesome, and even better when I found out the weather in Auckland had been pretty crappy today :)

I found a couple of roads that were just fantastic riding roads. We left early this morning from Central Auckland and basically stuck to SH1 all the way to Turangi with a couple of stops along the way - breakfast in the morning at my folks place in Hamilton and a couple of fuel and ciggie stops.

At Turangi my friend carried on and I took the road up the west side of the lake. I have ridden this road before and it is just fantastic for bikes - highly recommended!

I popped out at Whakamaaru Dam and decided to head back north via heading west to Te Kuiti first - I had never driven/ridden that road, and again, the road was just awesome! The scenery waasnt that exciting but who cares when you've got a fab road ahead of you and bugger all traffic.

With no one else around it was a great chance to really open the new old girl - I did open her up briefly but when I got to a three figured number with an 8 in it that was quite enough as there was more left in her, so then throttled back to a much more respectable and SAFE speed - once is enough just so I know she can :)

Popped out at Te Kuiti then headed to Hamilton (not an overly exciting road) then home to Auckland following the other side of the river.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day!

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SonjaM said...

Had the pleasure to do part of your trip when I was visiting, in a car... but nevertheless. Auckland to Hamilton... well a bit boring, but after that pure fun.

Nick said...

Yes, the Auck - Hamilton stretch is not the most exciting - one of those well travelled commuter roads, however lots of other roads around the area are magic :) Cheers, Nick.

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