Friday, December 3, 2010

Inspiration Found...

If you've been following my blog, you would notice a couple of blog entries about my interest in travelling further afield on my bike - ie. take a world trip on two wheels. The problem is that too often we are stalled by "our fears" or the "I just dont have time to organise it" or any other number of excuses.

Well, through my late night (and sometimes at my office desk) online research I have found a whole community (this LINK for a start) of people who have done, are doing or are planning to do diferent rides around the world - from short trips to those who have spent years travelling on two wheels and are still going. Then there is THIS couple who started travelling in about 1996 and have been travelling 9 months a year since then on the same bike - a 1994 Harley Electroglide (over 500,000 km's so far) - they have been to EVERY country in the world.

The site and people above were starting to inspire me - regular people who made a decision and just did it! But then I found Dave Barr - Inspiration with a capital I - he is a guy who travelled over 80,000 MILES in the 80's on his bike and he is a double leg amputee -yes, thats right - he did this with two prosthetic legs.

Sometimes in life we spend too much tme thinking "I'd like to..." without ending up at "I've done.." so, motivation found, planning needs to be the next step - Where, When, How!

On my old C90 ... East Cape Jan '10


Geoff James said...

A great post Nick. The words you NEVER want to utter are "If only....."

Raftnn said...

Hi NIck, you are in a positiion were you can follow your passion. In the words of a great advertising campaign...... NIKE...............juts do it! A comment I rember reading on here one day which I think is also poignant, "You never see a hurst pulling a trailer".

kiwionabike said...

Hi guys - So true on both counts. :)

SonjaM said...

Plus one for the "Just do it"

I have been thinking along the same lines, but I am too entangled in so called obligations such as work, a loving but non-riding family and friends, and my own fears. That's why I only take short breaks, ride a piece of the world, and return to my golden cage ;-)