Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Sporty and a Cruiser making friends...

So there it was, another example of New Zealand separation by a mere two degrees instead of six. Roger (Raftn) and I finally made the connection after becoming blogger mates that I used to work with his partner and we had in fact met a couple of times before. With his other half overseas and me needing to get away, it was decided that an overnighter was in order.

Sunday saw us leave early from Auckland and W(h)anganui was the destination. Who would have thought that a cruiser and a sporty could share the road. :) With a snap of our fingers (and a McDonalds coffee in our stomachs) we set off for our journey. There is nothing like a good ride to clear the head and remind you about what life is all about.

We covered some great riding roads and I was surprised with how little traffic was on the roads. W(h)anganui was our destination and a tidy little motel where biker stories were spun and we generally tried to right all the worlds wrongs in between a few too many drinks  :)

I can see why Roger has a love affair with his Triumph ... sleek lines, a great colour and he rides superbly enjoying every corner. For me, I love the armchair feel of the cruiser and the solidity that over 320kg's gives me on the road. Big Bertha never pretends to be a sporty, and thats the way I like it. It does mean however, that although she has as much power as you can possibly want, she is somewhat more lumbering around the corners. Big Bertha is my second cruiser and prior to that I had three Bandits and a couple of other bikes thrown in. I am now a cruiser convert, and even with the extra weight, as long as you are confident with your riding ability, there is nothing to fear when there is wind or gravel or hard packed road surfaces.

We struck some major roadworks, and were very fortunate with the weather over the two days. Most of the times we were just before the rain with black clouds around. Monday was especially windy when we set off early in the morning.

One comment though - Im not convinced with the nickname Violet for the bike - Im sticking with Big Bertha - sorry Rog.

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Thanks Roger, a great couple of days away and another 900odd km's to add to the odometer.


Roger said...

I loved reading your perspective on our ride. How many drinks did we have Sunday night? Great blog Nick and I am sure we will be doing it again soon.

Mike said...

I always like reading when two riding bloggers meet up and ride together. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing this! Best regards - Mike

SonjaM said...

Interesting to read both sides of the story. You are so lucky, and obviously had lots of fun on your ride, but McDonald's coffee? Guys, next time you got to do better than this.

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