Saturday, April 30, 2011

Coming up the final stretch....

So, I've been packing, packing and packing and I'm coming up the home stretch. I have filled my storage unit up to absolute capacity and my x other half will take a couple of boxes for me, work suits to my folks place and car covered and parked in the garage.

Now all that's left to do are a few odds and ends out of the kitchen and I plan to be out by the end of Sunday, commercial cleaners in on Monday then my property manager can show people whenever he wants and get it rented for me. The sooner the better.

Drinks on tuesday night, 2nd rabies shot on Wednesday morning, then on the bike on Wednesday afternoon heading south at my leisure for the next three weeks - yay! Then back to Auckland in 3 weeks for my final rabies shot then on the plane to Aussie and Bali.

Being a bloke, I struggle to multitask and have been all consumed by getting my apartment sorted. Now it's time to look forward and think about the travel. I have been madly changing addresses for my correspondence and been getting ideas of costs to take big Bertha with me.

It seems to me the biggest issue with taking her with me is the "bond" basically you have to provide a bond that is held - this is essentially the value of the bike, so if something happens to the bike and you can't get it back to new Zealand, the aa has the cash to pay the duty, etc for the bike. The other issue is that Australia is a little difficult so what I was looking at doing was sticking Bertha on a boat and sending her to kuala lumper - this would take about three weeks and while she is in transit to stop off in Aussie to see friends then go to Bali for my r and r then fly to KL and ride through Malaysia and Thailand that way. This is my first choice as I really would love to take her with me, however, it just may not be practical so the other choice is to hire bikes while I am in whatever country I am in and just take my bacpac and go. The advantage of this obviously is that it means the local company has some responsibility with the bike, however, this is not an overly cheap option either.

So, I've decided that I will talk to the bloke at aa on Monday about the carnet I need for the bike (basically like a passport for the bike) and on Monday if I decide this is the way to go then I will get the ball rolling before I head down south. I have also spoken to the bike shop who can provide a crate for Bertha for the journey and I have spoken with my business contact who does shipping of luxury vehicles for people who is getting a quote for me.

What I am thinking that I will probably do is do my trip around nz, zip across to the gold coast for a few days then to Bali and after Bali fly to Bangkok and rent a bike in Bangkok .... So many decisions.... I will keep you posted as the plans like me are rather fluid and change often! Once I get on berth at on Wednesday and head south it will start to come clear. All my best decisions are made while contemplating zooming down a country road.

Thanks to Kathy for this photo at the top of Lottin Point.

Saw this on one of the blogs i follow - thanks to the owner - im sorry, i cant remember which blog it was. If it is you please let me know so i can acknowledge you.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Roger said...

Good luck

SonjaM said...

Keep the shiny side up, will you?
All the best for your upcoming epic journey.

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