Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Equipment Review

I wanted to use the 5 day trip around the cape as bit of a test to see what equipment is working well and which areas I need to pull my socks up. So below is a snapshot of my thoughts -

1. Big Bertha - she performed admirably - she is now due for her 18000km service which I need to book her in for ASAP before I head off next week. 10/10

2. Technology
The iPad worked really well and I was able to upload photos to my blog with ease. The only downside is the fact that if I have to use the 3G network the cost is ridiculous so best to take the time and find spots where there is wireless Internet - the problem with this of course is that in provincial New Zealand let alone in other countries these can be few and far between. 8/10
The new cheap digital camera worked really well and is easy to use - the quality of the videoing bit of it is not brilliant but as I plan to use it predominantly for my video blog it is more than adequate and the photos are good quality 8/10
Uploading photos to iPad - this is awesome as it only takes a few seconds and can be done while sitting at a cafe and doesn't need Internet access. 10/10

3. Clothing - the weather was pretty rough in parts and for extended periods so it was a good test case.
Davos Boots - my boots are very old but very comfortable - in extreme rain my feet do get wet. 6/10
Socks - i need new socks - I was wearing normal socks but I am going to buy some nice thick woolen ones as the further south I go the colder it will get as happened last time. 2/10
Kbc Bike pants - these are very old but perform really well. They have lots of padding and although they are a pain to get on and off and if I do lots of walking in them I get hot and bothered I kind of feel naked on the bike if I'm not wearing them. I do need to wash the inner lining regularly. 7/10
Revitt Leather jacket - I love my jacket - it's comfortable and works well. 8/10
Wet weather gear - my technics jacket must be 20 years old and is a treat. It is not very sexy looking but works well. It does sweat though 7/10
Alpine stars Gloves - i bought new gloves last time i went down to the south island - they work well, however, I will buy some polyprop gloves to put on underneath I think. 7/10
Helmet - this is an area I am in a quandary about. I have a hjc helmet which is on the cheaper side, However, I am a creature of habit and It fits very well (with my hand made sponges for extra padding in the roof liner) but I would really like a flip top helmet and one where I can comfortably set up Bluetooth for some music sometimes. One of the guys had a Nolan flip top which I am going to investigate further. Last time I looked though it seems I have an odd shaped nose that got in the way of the sun visor in the flip top helmet. :) 7/10
Polartec tube - this is great and just gives me a little extra protection around the neck from the wind 8/10

4. Bike luggage
Rjays luggage bag - this performed well again. Although one of the cheapest bags on the market it fits well on the bike and is easy to get to and seems pretty good waterproof wise. (I do still put a rubbish bag liner in it for one more layer of protection from the wet) 8/10
Kurakyn roll bag - I love this - I bought online a couple of years ago and it fits on the front of my bag. It makes getting my important bits like my wallet easy to do and gives me just a little extra protection from the wind around my chest area but does not make me feel closed in like a windscreen does.
Panniers - these are practical - large and can be locked on the bike or easily taken on and off, although I prefer the look of the bike without them and in extremely heavy rain the insides do get wet so more plastic bags needed here 6/10

First Aid Kit - I need One of those.

So, off to the bike apparel store to look at helmets and get some polypropylene undergarments and a call to Suzuki to book Bertha in for a well earned service.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Roger said...

Read your blods all the way through Nick, it was excellent. The search for correct gear never ends, you should see my wardrobe!

Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.

Donna McNicol said...

I have fallen in LOVE with snowboarding socks for riding. Over the calf so they don't fall down, padding in the right spots and support in the right areas. I layer them with a thin pair of sock liners for really cold weather.

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