Monday, April 11, 2011

From my iPad ... :)

So I am doing this posting from my new iPad that is pretty cool. Actually it's a second hand one but it's like brand new. No it's not an iPad 2 but half the price and basically like new. I quite like it

From Drop Box

I have just worked out how to post a picture on here from the iPad. Pretty cool I have to say.

I can now check my emails from here using either wifi or the 3G phone network and upload photos to my blog from my picasa albums. I now just need to buy a new digital camera then I can download photos and upload to blog all on the run.


Mike said...

Pretty cool! Congratulations! The company I work for is getting us iPads soon. At least that's what they say. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Impressive grasp of technology and awesome lifestyle. I will visit regularly in order to be inspired!

Steve Williams said...

I've posted from my iPhone with pictures using BlogPress. I've thought the iPad would be great.

Can you do any image processing on it? Some sort of app that will allow you to sharpen, control things?

Steve Williams
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Nick said...

Hi Steve - not really - its bsically just download to the ipad then use an app called blogspot (I think) - you can resize them - thats about it. Cheers, Nick.

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