Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pre journey journey Day 2 and 3

Day 2 - Tauranga to Lottin Point - 300 plus km's

Day 2 dawned in Tauranga very very wet. The motel was tidy and I managed to have a restful sleep but was wide awake by 6.00am. I managed to fill in the time before breakfast while waiting for The rest of the crew.

We left Tauranga In The rain which pretty much stayed with us until Ohope. We took a little detour and went around the lakes near rotorua. From Ohope just out of whakatane the weather progressively improved so by the time we shot through opotiki with a fuel stop the east cape yet again did not disappoint. The weather improved, the scenery just simply beautiful and the road just brilliant for the bikes. Big Bertha was in her element and as per usual my smile just got wider as the afternoon progressed. I stopped regularly for photos and thoroughly enjoyed the company of the group.

We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at the pub at Waihau Bay. If you haven't ridden the east cape in new zealand, it is a must. It is quite unique in terms of the scenery and the area. Well known for levels of poverty and marijuana growing it is also an area of history and a very strong community of Tangata Whenua. Currently there is much discussion in the area about potential oil drilling out from the coast and the potential Damage this may cause. It also of course has the potential to provide jobs in the area.

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We pulled up to our accommodation at lottin point just before the sun fell behind the horizon. This is truly in the middle of nowhere a good 10 kms off the main road which is already away from the beaten track. You ride through the middle of a farm and then over a steep ridge and then down to the motel. No cell phone coverage, no Internet and no tv. A magical spot in one of the most eastern parts of nz. We proceeded to drink too much at the onsite bar and generally tell tall stories late into the evening.

Day 3 - Lottin point to Gisborne - about 280 kms

The morning began cold but clear and we set off early to find a spot for breakfast. Just out of te arAroa we found a honey shop with cafe where we enjoyed some good coffee and a bite to eat, then refueling at te araroa before setting off again. The rounds became magical with some fairly brisk riding along the way but with plenty of stops for pics. The last time I did the cape it was the middle of summer, stinking hot and very dry. It has been nice to see the area a little greener along the way. We also tok a small detour to check out ruatoria and a shandy at tokomaru bay with a bit of food.

We arrived in gisborne at about 4.30 this evening. Lots of fun indeed!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.Taurang


Gary France said...

Waking early is sometimes one of the perils of a long road trip. After a long days riding, you are often tired, so end up going to bed early and as a consequence, waking early. I found the best thing to do was pack up and get going quickly when this happened (easy if you are on your own) and then stop at about 10am for breakfast. Getting moving early seems to give more flexibility as you can crack on and do a lot of miles / kms if you need to, or you can take time at your stops or even divert to somewhere to see what it is like, if you want to. I found leaving late puts pressure on all day and watching the time all day is never fun. Sorry your PJJ turned out wet.

VStar Lady said...

Looks a little damp but a great adventure just the same. I love the photos.

Bluekat said...

Great post and pics of your pre-journey journey :)
Off to a nice start!

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