Sunday, April 3, 2011

So many things to do ...

So, now Ive made this great decision I am starting to make lists for what I need to do ... and the lists are getting longer and longer and longer...

My immediate need is to complete my six monthly GST so I am sitting on my sofa trying to sort out all my bills and receipts .... being unorganised doesnt help this process, so best I break this process down into manageable parts -

1. Work Related stuff - GST, tying up last minute deals, getting reports in to clients, informing clients of my "sebatical".
2. Apartment Related Stuff - Tyding up, sorting out what is staying, what is going and what I need to store, getting all those little odd jobs done around the place this week so I can get it ready for photographing to get on the internet to find a tenant a.s.a.p.
3. Personal FInances - Paying all my bills, paying off the credit cards, putting together a rough budget for my travels, ordering new cards that are due to expire, sorting out a.p's
4. Trip Planning - Researching, sending emails, getting quotes, searching prices, planning routes

Of course, now Im at this point I just want to get on a plane and go; but I know the better organised and planned I am the more likely the trip will flow well, so the priorities are as follows -

a. get my GST and tax stuff done and to my accountant
b. sort the apartment out so I can get it rented a.s.a.p then I now how much money I will have coming in and that can help my budget and also give me a deadline date.
c. make sure all my bills are paid and I have set up any A.P's

On a slightly different note, I pulled my bacpac out of my storage unit last week - wiped the dust off it and all the memories came flooding back. The last time I did any real "back packing" there were no cell phones, email was still to be used by the masses, people still wrote letters and postcards and my mum happily accepted collect calls from the other side of the world :)

I wonder if they accept middle aged men into youth hostels?

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