Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trip Planning (Part 1)......

So, Ive just come back from the doctor where I have had a number of shots -

I feel like a walking sieve - so far I have had three - Hepatitis, Diptheria (I think its called) and the common flu jab. Ive got to go back for a series of three shots for rabies and Ive also got malaria tablets as well. It makes the planning much more real and exciting.

In the meantime I have the 6th June confirmed for my stopover in Bali for a week staying with friends. The leaving date from NZ is still not confirmed simply because I've still got to get my apartment rented out and I have a couple of deals I am still working on at work and if I can get them together it will make all the difference money wise.

I am contemplating keeping the New Zealand leg of the journey until I come back which if needed will free up an extra couple of weeks to get things sorted and free up a little bit of cash for later on.

At the moment I have a bad case of the flu so am drinking lots of water and trying to keep my mind focused on the goal ahead.

Next step: GST to complete, update cards with the bank and get a few small jobs done in the apartment.


Trobairitz said...

Sounds like your plans are coming together. Will be fun to follow your adventures.

On a side note - did you get the flu from the flu shot? I ask because I've never had a flu shot for just that reason.

Nick said...

Good question ... I think I had the flu before the flu shot :)

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