Friday, April 1, 2011

A Whole lot of stuff...

So, anyway, I've had an interesting few weeks. Have clocked up a few km's on the bike with trips up north and down south and in between. It seems to me I do my best thinking on the bike. Last Sunday I clocked 685kms going up to Mangonui for fish and chips which was a heap of fun. By the time I arrived back in Auckland I had made a few firm decisions that I am in the process of working through.

If you had read my blog a few weeks ago you will remember that I am now single after a number of years. This has caused me to waver between excitement at the opportunities this has created and utter panic about my life direction being sent in a bit of a tail spin. Anyway, I came back from my longride on Sunday with a number of different thoughts and ideas flying around in my head. Some of them are below -

1. If I rent my apartment out I can create a (very) small income stream for myself
2. My motivation at work has been waning somewhat and it is noticeable in my lack of attention to getting new business
3. Over the last 18 months I have quietly been researching some travel options - some that include bike riding and some that dont
4. I have also been researching different locations around New Zealand where I can work in my current occupation
5. I have spent the last 20 years of my life mostly in Auckland and I would like a change - I am actually quite sick of the big city
6.  I bought my first house at 22 and since then have led a pretty domesticated life with a couple of work stints in the UK and a few small trips thrown in along the way.

This, I'm sure you'll agree is fast sounding like a mid life crisis..... So, while I still have a bit of hair, while I am single, footloose and fancy free I have made some firm decisions this week ....

1. I am going to leave my current employment at the end of April and have what I like to colloguially call "a sebatical"
2. I am going to rent out my apartment and initially do a bit of travelling for a few months before returning clear headed and with a serious focus on work and the like.

So, the current plan is as follows .....

The next four weeks (April) .... Organise, plan and generally get my shit together (trip planning, advertise apartment to rent, book initial flight, work out a rough budget, put my life into boxes.

May - the adventure begins!
Early/Mid May - head to Queenstown on the bike
Stay in Queenstown for a few days with friends
Head as far back as Hamilton and drop my bike off at my folks

Around the middle of May
Fly to Sydney
Couple of nights in Sydney with friends

Hire a bike and ride to Cairns (about 3000km's) :)
Approximately 10ish days later arrive Cairns

Late May/Early June
Fly from Cairns to Bali
Stay 10 days in Bali with some friends

Middle June
Fly from Bali to Bangkok, Thailand
Spend 3/4 weeks on a bike round Thailand

After that .... haven't decided yet  :)

So, I have spoken to my boss who is supportive of the decision. He has assured me that when I come back if I want to come back to the office I can. I have had the property manager over to give me a rental appraisal so right now I have one week to get my home in order ready for photos so it can be advertised ...

This is where the ideas move from dreams to reality!

Pretty exciting stuff really!


Donna McNicol said...

Good for you!!! I'll be anxiously waiting for blog updates as you travel. Don't forget us....LOL!

Nick said...

Thanks Donna :)

Roger said...

Good stuff Nick, one dorr cloeses.....look forward to hearing all about your travels.

Geoff James said...

Well good for you Nick! Following your heart considering the last few months isn't a bad option at all. An if you think Coromandel Harbour isn't too far from Hamilton before you ditch the bike with the folks, there's always a bed and good food here too. The company will be dodgy though :-).

All the best mate!

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