Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 11 - The most incredible riding day

Te Anau - Gore - Waipori - Central Otago - Danseys Pass - Timaru
About 650kms

What an awesome day!

I left Te Anau early and enjoyed no rain from the moment I left to when I pulled into Timaru at dusk. Today I was pretty much on the bike all day apart from a short stop for a beer in Hyde in central Otago and the odd photo stop.

No, I left before the rain clouds let rip ....

Leaving Te Anau on the way to the blue sky :)

The roads today were staggeringly good and I even managed two "short cuts" on unsealed roads. The first one was between Lawrence and Clarksville Junction (I think). I found this lake in the middle of no where which was beautiful. The second one was Danseys Pass which was little more than a goat track and winded itself for miles and miles high in to the ranges - gravel, mud and sheer cliffs - it really got the adrenalin pumping that's for sure however bertha performed admirably and saw me safely through to the other side.

YouTube Video

The first shortcut ....

Can you see the wind farm?

At the top of shortcut two ...Danseys Pass...this is the gentle sloping side :)

The roads through central Otago and these adventurous treks have been some of the highlights of this trip so far. I rode through myriad landscapes today and was going to stop in Oamaru for the night, however by the time I got their there was still light in the day and I just wanted to keep going hence why I am in Timaru. I have now thoroughly covered the bottom half of the South Island.

What a blast !

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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