Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 12 - going nowhere fast...

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So it seems my escapades from yesterday have proved a little bit too much for Bertha as I woke up this morning and kitted up all ready for my next part of the trip and as I got on Bertha to throw all my luggage on I noticed her back tyre was completely and utterly flat. Now being completely and utterly disorganized I don't have a puncture repair kit with me which is a right pain in the bum and a really good lesson to learn. The great thing about this journey was that it was all going to be a bit of a test to see what I needed to improve on before I left offshore.

Anyway thanks to aa I have organized a flatbed tow truck to come and pick her up first thing tomorrow morning (Monday) and well go to the local Suzuki dealership and hopefully they'll have a tyre in stock as i think this ones pretty buggered anyway. My new aa membership i took up three weeks ago just paid for itself i reckon. When i took her in for her service before coming down here i was keen for them to replace the back tyre as well as the front, however they said it should be fine. In saying that, I am not making excuses :) for my oversight.

I'm not holding my breath though as small towns don't usually stock the 240 tyre as out of the city, the boulevard does not seem to be an overly common bike but well see. Hopefully if they don't they can repair it enough for me so I can get to Christchurch and get a tyre their.

Anyway, all part of life's rich tapestry really. I'm just pleased I was in Timaru and not in the middle of nowhere otherwise it would have been a different story altogether. Now I get a chance to explore Timaru and the weathers crap anyway so luckily am not missing riding weather like yesterday.
Will keep you posted.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Andrew said...

Hi Nick,
I have been following your trip. You certainly took the scenic route to Timaru. I was pleased to read that you passed thru Waipori and Lake Mahinerangi. I rode that gravel road back in February. I was down there for the TT2000 rally. It was a bit nippy back then, so it must pretty cool when you went thru.
What is your email address? i would like to show you a photo.


Nick said...

Hi Andrew ... I can be contacted at nick at kiwionabike dot com cheers, nick.

JohnHS said...

Hey Nick, when I did my trip down south I did take a puncture repair kit. Tricky looking gadget with three co2 cartridges. How many would you need with the big tyre... mines only 180. Thank goodness I didnt need to use it. Trust you are back on the rd soon.


Nick said...

I hate to think john. I'm afraid one of my weak points is my lack of mechanical skills. One thing I am setting a goal to improve on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick I,ve been following your trip and wish iwas doing it with you was the pub in Danseys Pass open? as they usually have a roaring fire going good luck with the return trip home and hopefully we will see you before you leave the country cheers L J

Nick said...

Cheers LJ :) no the pub was shut. Prob q good thing as I wouldnt want to do it with a couple beers in me :)

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