Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 14 - Methven to Hamner Springs

230kms today - 5000km's clocked on this trip so far .....

After a comfortable stay in deserted Methven I left quite early as it was a beautiful morning. The km's were melting away and it was quite mild.

In no time at all I was in a little town called Oxford made famous by Jo Seager a well know New Zealand chef. I had to stop at her cafe and enjoy a fine cup of coffee and sweet slice. Very good both of them were too.

I set off again and rejoined SH1 for a few kms until the turn off to head over the Lewis Pass and towards Hamner Springs and ultimately back to the upper part of the West Coast.

Almost immediately the wind picked up and started to close in. It was a relatively short distance to the Springs. Originally I had planned to stay two nights at Hamner Springs, however I will only stay one and make up a day. As it stands I got here by 1.00pm anyway so I have had plenty of time to relax in the hot pools and do my laundry. As the motels are so quiet during May they are very relaxed with check out anyway.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Rick said...

Hi again Nick

If you get time when you are on the West Coast, take a trip up to Denniston, about 25kms north of Westport - well worth a visit in my opinion.
Cheers, Rick

Nick said...

Thanks Rick. Will do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, great reading so far noting alot of good info for our trip next feb.
Had to laugh about "Big Bertha" not fitting on the AA trailer.
Ride Safe mate and we look forward to your next posts.

Unknown said...

great stuff nicko. Now, would someone get this guy a tv show!


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