Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 15 - awesome photos today

Hanmer Springs - Reefton - Greymouth - Westport - Denniston - Westport

Those that don't ride bikes struggle to understand the joy of being on the road with just you and your bike. Today was something quite special. I woke this morning to blue sky and snow on the mountains. After a leisurely breakfast I left late morning so the sun could have a chance to work on the roads as I was heading quite high again and I was very aware that there would be very slippery and icy roads ahead. In fact, overnight snow had fallen to road level as you can see in a couple of the photos below.

The trip through Lewis Pass was magical with snow capped mountains and not a cloud in the sky.

YouTube Video

....and then it was on to the Wild West Coast popping out at Greymouth. I had already stopped at Reefton for a spot of lunch so carried on up the coast to Westport.

Once i arrived in Westport i decided to head further north as Rick, a reader of this blog had kindly suggested a short detour to Denniston, an historic gold mining area. What a great little detour it was too. Winding steeply up, I arrived to find awesome views down the west coast and was surrounded by a slice of new Zealand's mining history. Brilliant ! Thanks again Rick.

Tomorrow the plan is to head to Motueka, Nelson and Picton so I can catch the ferry back to the North Island.

I am feeling a sense of sadness as I am nearing the end of this leg of my journey as there is just so much to see in our little country and so many roads to ride on.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick

Sorry we missed your farewell in Auckland...don't know what we were thinking! Hopefully you've forgiven us and we can catch up if you are back in Auckland anytime.
Would have loved to have escorted your out of Auckland on the Thruxton...maybe next time, if there is one.
Glad to see you living the dream...makes me want to slip out the door and hit the road too, but it would mean having to leave one of the bikes behind as I can;t ride both at once!
Hope to catch up soon :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos and a nice ride. With all the photos you take your trips must take a couple extra hours with all the stops. My trips usually take a lot longer than I originally planned. But with all the nice scenery an photos, it's worth it.

Nick said...

Thanks Gerry ... Please pass on my love to Julie. I hope you Guys are well.

Thanks myrideblog . .. I have got it down to a fine art ... I can be off the bike, one glove off and photo taken and back on the bike in about 30 seconds :) cheers nick.

SonjaM said...

Wow, Nick. Awesome doesn't quite cut it. Stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking. I wish I could be there. Be safe now that it's getting colder, and there could be icy sections. Continued awesome travels. I want more...

Geoff James said...

And right on our doorstep Nick... aren't we blessed!

As Sonja says, take it easy mate. with the big high coming in, there'll be a bit of ice around in the high country and valleys.

Gary France said...

Wow, what fantastic pictures and what a great ride you had on this day. Those pictures make me feel like getting on a plane headed for New Zealand....

Nick said...

Thanks guys :)

Rick said...

Glad you made it to Denniston and enjoyed it Nick The last time I was up there it was drizzling and misty - conditions those poor miners must have endured day after day when Denniston was alive.
Isn't the South Island a wonderful place to tour on a motorbike. My partner and I - along with another couple from Dunedin did the round trip a couple of years ago - awesome. I will eventually get around to posting the sdtory of that trip on my blog - - but in the meantime most of my time is spent on planning out Europe tour which is now less than 14 weeks away.
If you or any of your blog readers have tips about touring Europe by motorcycle I'd love to hear them. Contact me via my web site.
Cheers - and happy motorcycli9ng

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