Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 16 - a huge riding day today

Westport - Murchison - Motueka - Takaka - Motueka - Nelson - Picton
...about 490 km's

I was greeted by a little rain when I woke up. I had nicknamed the room I was staying in "the vomit room" not because I spent the night doing so but because all walls and ceiling were painted vomit orange so I was pleased to vacate.

Once I left it was obvious that the sun was trying valiantly to come out and sure enough after a little while it did. I managed to get some snaps riding between Westport and Murchison.

Riding through this wonderful native bush I couldn't help thinking just how lucky we are in New Zealand. We have such a variety of roads across the country and all in relatively close distance. I thought the photo below simply gives you a great idea as to the general roads that we here ride on.

I stopped in Murchison for a bite to eat. Shortly after i came across this vista

I had been told that the road to Motueka and then to Takaka was something quite special so decided to take the detour to the top left of the South Island Sure enough it was magical and the sun was shining throughout. The road between Motueka and Takaka is essentialy a steep ascent up a gigantic hill and back down the other side. The beauty of this is that it affords some pretty spectacular views.

I popped in to Takaka and took the liberty of having a late lunch shandy and after a relatively short time set off again as i still had a few hours riding if i was to get over to Picton in time for the 6.40pm ferry.

By the time i arrived in Nelson dusk was setting so it was going to be a chilly dark hour or so on the bike to get to Picton. I did contemplate stopping but then decided that even if i missed the ferry i could find accomodation in Picton so then i could sleep in a little tomorrow.

As fate would have it I arrived at 6.40pm on the dot, however, it didnt matter as boarding had closed so i had missed the ferry, however, across the road was the competition who had a boat leaving at 7.00pm - just in time and $15 cheaper. :)

So, as I sit on the ferry I need to find some accommodation for tonight in Wellington.

So, that is the south island leg of this journey completed. Now it's a couple more days travelling up the north island, then three days at my folks catching up, then up to Auckland for 5 days where I have lots to organize and sort out before I fly out to Australia on the 30th.

It's all go, that's for sure !!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Donna McNicol said...

Really enjoying your's photos are particularly good! Thanks for sharing...ride safe.

Gary France said...

I really like the picture of the twisty road ahead of you in the valley. It just seems such an inviting road to ride on a bike. The picture just wants to draw you in, so you open the throttle....

Anonymous said...

great pics Nick wish i was there to. I agree that whole area is just fantastic to ride thru enjoy your ride north cheers L J

Nick said...

Thanks guys :)

Jeff Brass said...

Sounds like an awesome trip Nick, some great pics, and memories too.

Nick said...

Thanks for stopping by Jeff. Hope alls well in your world ... Sorry my photos are merely amateur shots from my $100 digital camera - nothing like your brilliance I'm afraid ! Please do pass on my kind regards to everyone at BNI. cheers, Nick.

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