Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 17 - The North Island

After a late arrival in Wellington last night at about 11.30pm I motored in to the city to find some accommodation. I found some at the Copthorne Oriental Bay and they gave me a fab room that offered nice views of the city. I was asleep in seconds as it had been a huge day.

Good morning Wellington

After a lovely breakfast and a late checkout I headed out of Wellington and immediately noticed how much warmer it was. Off came the long johns, second pair of gloves and socks. I also almost immediately wished to be back in solitude on the south island roads. I decided to head north east and make my way to Napier, art deco capital of NZ. I headed up and over the Rimutaka Hill which was a mess of road works. After a slightly frustrating ride I arrived at masterton and had noticed on the map a road that ran out into the heart of sheep country and ultimately popped out at Waipukarau and back on to SH2. This back road happened to be a favorite of local bikers and meandered it's way through some magical farmland.

Along the way I met Peter a.k.a. Pedro one of the local farmers who zipped along on his quad bike to say hi when he saw I had stopped on the side of the road. Some of his mates were putting some fences up. further along the way i came across another farmer moving a few hundred sheep down the road so iturned the bike off and waited for them to pass.

Oh dear, which way...

I also came across a couple on a couple of adventure bikes. When it looked like there was going to be a bit of gravel road (which there wasn't) the guy said well, you can't ride on the gravel, but we can. I laughed at him and said absolutely I can and explained some of the roads I had taken over the last few weeks - and he rudely said - "on That" - well, that was enough for me as I'm not having Bertha spoken to like that so I bid them farewell and left them in my exhaust fumes :).

I also came across completely by accident the longest place name in the world. Check out the photo and see whether you can pronounce it.

After popping out onto SH2 it was a relatively short ride to Napier where I have found accommodation for the night.

All in all another good day on the bike.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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Andrew Thomson said...

Route 52 rocks! (Not that nice in the middle of the night when pouring with rain though).

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