Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 26 - One bag and me

So, I have been packing (it took about 5 minutes) as I have now shrunk my life down to one bag, the clothes I'm wearing and my passport :)

It is actually quite a freeing exercise. When I look back over the last few hectic weeks, I have gone from a life of working hours, suits, phone calls and modern day stress, to renting my home out, storing my
Iifes worth of stuff (read - lots of useless crap), completing my round New Zealand leg of the journey on Bertha and now down to one bag on my back.

I made the decision yesterday that I would not take Bertha with me - I seriously considered it, but because of her weight and size and concerns over her coping in less developed parts of the world, I had to make the decision. As I travel I will pick up hire bikes as I go when I feel the urge so this will truly be a trip of many parts - just the way I like it.

I have had my rabies and hepatitis shots and something else - I can't remember what. I have one lot of antibiotics from the doctor to take with me in case I am in the middle of nowhere and get sick. I have a small first aid kit, travel and medical insurance. A few pairs of undies and some clothes complete the picture. Of course I'm taking my phone and camera and iPad with me too, but playing devils advocate here, as long as I've got my passport and a few emergency dollars in my sock, everything else is replaceable.

I cannot impress on you enough how incredibly freeing this whole exercise is. I feel like I am rewriting the future roads I will take and have unshackled my wrists from what was fast becoming a bit of a monotonous journey. Okay, so maybe a little melodramatic but you get the picture :)

The real question is - At what point in your life did you go from dancing fully clothed in the pouring rain and not caring about what anyone thinks to not going outside because you don't have an umbrella ?

Life is for living and this is my opportunity to do just that and this time round as opposed to 20 years ago I actually have a bit more money to be able to do it so if I do feel the urge for a decent shower and my own loo I can do it :)

Well, the next post god willing will be from the land of kangaroos and underarm bowlers - Australia :) - not very adventurous I know, but the next leg nonetheless. :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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