Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 4 Timaru to Owake/Purakaunui Bay

About 390km's

What an interesting day today!

I left Timaru this morning at about 930am and the weather initially was kind to me. I enjoyed the ride through to Oamaru, closely avoiding a couple of tickets along the way. There were quite a few traffic Cops out and about apparently because it's duck shooting this weekend so lots of drinking at the local pubs after a hard days shooting as is evidenced at the pub I am staying at tonight.

From the motel

Somewhere between oamaru and balclutha

My friends who I am staying with when I get to queenstown happened to want to look at a piece of land in Purakaunui Bay in the Catlins right at the bottom of the island so we organized to meet in Balclutha and then go from their. By the time we met the rain was fairly pelting so we made the trip to the secluded beach which involved a 15km ride down gravel and dirt roads in the hosing rain. As usual Bertha ate up the roads and spat them right back - lots of fun! By the time we arrived both her and me were incredibly wet and dirt spattered, however the destination was totally worth it. A wind swept spot with amazing cliffs and yellow sand beach.

Purakaunui Bay ..... Windswept and wild.

After an hour here with no cover I said I was going to make my way back to owAka to find some accommodation while they took one final walk around the block of land. I found a great spot at the local pub with a very tidy room, open fire in the bar and promptly set myself up at the bar talking to the locals while waiting on their arrival.

My wet weather gear had worked a treat again and I was quite toasty warm and dry under my soaked gear, as was all my luggage. I was quite pleased as the bike had sat still in the torrential rain for a good hour or so fully laden.

After a few too many whisky and dries I was starting to get concerned as Teresa and Cory hadn't returned and it was now dark. As fate would have it they had tried to find me but as I had parked the bike round the back of the pub had missed me and had booked in elsewhere. Long story short we found each other and have enjoyed a Few red wines before retiring for the night.

Tomorrow the plan is to take a long block to queens town via invercargill, bluff and te anau. Hopefully there will be slightly less rain although as I write this it is pelting down outside.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Geoff James said...

Sorry to hear about the weather Nick. If it's any consolation, last time I was down there on 2 wheels; there was snow on the hills round the Catlins!

Must say I'm very impressed with your willingness to take on wet, unsealed roads. Something I'm not keen on at all on a sports bike (or anything else, probably)!

Safe travelling!

Gary France said...

Oh the joys of riding in the rain! As Geoff says, well done for riding on those loose roads, especially in the rain - not much fun, but the fire in the bar and a few whisky's will solve just about anything!

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