Friday, May 27, 2011

Days 21 - 25 Mr Organiser

I am back in Auckland now after three lovely days with my folks at the end of the road trip which was relaxing and they are always great company.

While in Hamilton we talked (a lot - we are good at that). I tried to keep up with their hectic social life catching up with people as there were friends of my mums who I know who wanted to say hi.

I also did meals on wheels with my mum. She and my stepfather have a huge social conscience and are the most generous kind people I know.

Meals on wheels is a service run by the red cross out of the hospital that provides hot meals for elderly in their homes every day. When I was a kid I used to do it with my mum jumping out of the car, taking in the meals. Knocking on the door and shouting meals on wheel and then trying to politely move on to the next one while they desperately want to have a long conversation as it may be the only interaction for the day. Mum and Peter have been doing meals on wheels all their married life which is about 28 years and mum has been doing it for a good 40 years as she used to put me in the car in my cot and take me with her. In fact, I have to be careful how to say the next bit as I know they read this blog, but they are older than many of the people they deliver to, but look half their ages and lead this wonderful active social life.

I also went car shopping with PQ (my stepfather) and we went and test drove a new car. Very nice it was too. He is the most honest gentleman I know and I had to stop him from showing all his cards to the salesperson straight away. :) .... I think he's made a great choice of new car. I think it's very smart and I love the colour. :)

Of course a visit home wouldn't be the same without some great home cooked meals that just always taste better than anything I could ever make and better than anything you could possibly buy in a Michelin star restaurant in my humble opinion.

I am always staggered when I hear of people who either do not spend a
Lot of time with their parents as adults or are a bit remiss in calling them regularly. It is so important to make that time because they have spent their life making sure that we are happy and well. My family knows what it is like to have lost a family member too soon and trust me, when they are not around any more, it is too late, so if there is one piece of advice I can give - hug your loved ones and tell them you love them - it does not make you a lesser man, in fact it makes you a better man.

So back to Auckland on Wednesday I came with a long list of thing to do - appointments with my accountant, doctor and optometrist, trip to the bank and myriad shops to pick up last minute items. I am staying with my x partner. We were together for eight years and through the process of separation have found peace with each other and actually have got on better since the separation than we have for the last couple of years. We will always care deeply for each other and if there is an emergency or i am needed I will be the first in line to help.

I am so thankful for the support and love that surrounds me on this life journey :)

Until next time .....

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Geoff James said...

Had to laugh at the comment about your folks Nick. Jennie and I are voluntary tutors for Senior Net in Coromandel (computing for senior citizens). We're older than a few members we tutor but interestingly, it's quite difficult to run training courses because virtually every member is busy doing voluntary work of some kind up here! Guess that's what makes it such a great community.

Absolutely delighted to hear about you and your ex too - fantastic in fact.

Roger said...

Great read Nic, I agree with you on the parents. I get along with ine better than ever. Good stuff.

Nick said...

Cheers guys :)

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