Tuesday, June 21, 2011

50 days of my mid life crisis journey so far ...

I have a lot of great photos from today but I am having problems publishing my post today so they will have to wait until I am somewhere with wifi.....

I can't believe I started my journey 50 days ago. It has gone so fast! To celebrate the fact I was stopped twice today at checkpoints where the police were checking motorbike licenses. Luckily Faizal had given me the appropriate card to show them along with my New Zealand drivers license. Both times no problems and I was waved through. The first time it was such a novelty that I asked the serious policeman who looked like he was in charge if I could take a photo of him, at which he agreed - not that he shows it :)

So, i decided this morning to set off from just north of Kuantan, and head south and see how far i would go. I was very aware that yesterday i had seen a bit too much sun and was pretty tired so i decided to stop earlier today rather than riding till nearly dark. It would also give me a bit of time to chill out. I have rocked on up to Mersing just in time too as there is the loudest thunder outside.

There were some great little stretches of road today and pretty good on the traffic front as well. I did manage to get lost once though when I thought I'd turn down a side road to try and find the sea. I ended up at what looked like an abandoned ferry building but managed to find my way back to the main road okay.
Development everywhere....

Mosques everywhere...

I also stopped for lunch at a beachside spot just out of ...... Where everyone seemed to stop and stare at me when I wandered inside, not in a rude way, but more in a quizzical, I wonder what his story is ? The woman who was working their was very patient as I stammered my way through ordering the Penang soup ( I think ) which was very tasty and super cheap along with the bottled water.


Do you see the odd one out?

I managed to get a heap of great photos today while i was riding

If you're wondering about the route i took, basically, yesterday i went from Kota Demansara to Kuantan across the country via a whole lot of back roads, then today I went from Kuantan straight down the coast and have finished up at Mersing. Tomorrow I plan to head back across the country and end up in Malakka.

As a side thought, now I've done a few hundred km's on Blue Burtie, here are my feelings about him -

He is an easy bike to ride, however, not nearly as comfortable as Bertha. On berth I can liter rally ride for as long as I want and not get a tired body, hover, the parts of my body that hurt with Burtie are my legs and my bum. I am just not used to the riding position. The one good thing about his height is that if I want to have a stretch I can while riding which is great.  Cheers, Nick.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


bluekat said...

I can't believe it's been 50 days either. Life moves too fast sometimes. Silly me, I went back to school for my mid life crisis. What was I thinking!! Can't wait to see the pics!

MasterBry said...
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