Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 29 - "Brissie"

We set off earlyish and headed from Broadbeach, firstly to Labrador for a spot of brunch.

The view from Labrador towards Main Beach

After being caffeinated and fed for the morning it was off to Brisbane for a spot of shopping. Well, actually, I needed to get a micro sim for the iPad and also I was after a rain cover for my backpack. We parked in the city and went walking.....and walking.....and walking. It was a great feeling wandering through the city with no real plan, just checking out the shops and people watching. I really enjoyed the day as I find walking around a city I don't know incredibly interesting.

Story Bridge

Lots and lots of apartment blocks .... This is my attempt at an "arty farty" picture.

After a while we came to Chinatown and I found a shop to buy a backpack cover. By now it was time for an afternoon beer :) which went down very nicely I have to say. Another walk for an hour or so and I picked up a micro sim, then a late lunch stop. A bit more walking then we ended up with a couple of hours to fill so we went and I met ians sister in law and nephew and nieces. They have a wonderful home that they completely renovated from head to toe superbly and it was a very pleasant detour.

After a short ride we arrived at the movies and went to the "gold class" thanks to a couple of vouchers, and I actually thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was the latest pirates of the carribean movie with johnie depp.

I am thoroughy enjoying my Aussie r and r detour :) (we did go past a motorbike rental place and I did have immediate withdrawal symptoms though) I will need to get on a bike soon as it has now been 5 days since I hopped off Bertha.

Tomorrow it's off to Byron Bay then to a show called "Stomped"

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.

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