Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 35 and 36 - Big Berthas little sister

Day 35

Yesterday was a long day with an early start to catch the train to the airport then a long plane ride to Bali. When we touched down in Denpasar I was very pleased to arrive. We had been handed out the arrival cards on the plane and I was feeling just a little bit nervous as my doctor had given me some antibiotics to bring with me just in case I got sick so I had to tick yes, I did have drugs with me - prescription drugs of course but all the same the wording of the document was not brilliant so I had ticked the same box that also said narcotics. Anyway, better to declare I decided.

Walking through the airport we were almost immediately accosted by the crazy set up. First, to a very long cue to pay for the temporary visa which seems to just really be a money making venture. Then to a humungous line for customs. Behind me was an Aussie miner taking two days off to have a bit of fun in Bali. He was a character. After an hour or so wait in the smelly hot line the customs officer stamped my passport and I had to go and claim my backpack. I had my backpack wrapped in glad wrap in brisbane before I
Left and was very pleased I had as by the time I picked up my bag it was one of the last and was sitting on the floor surrounded by the baggage staff who were keen to help me carry it. I declined and then went through the Final part where I went through no problem at all and he didn't even look at my bag.

Ian had been waiting for me for ages so we headed off and caught a taxi back to the villa. After dumping my bags and having a catch up we set off for a bit to eat on the little mopeds they have. We navigated the crazy traffic with me pillion on the back of ians bike with David on his bike with his friend Adit. After a true Balinese mei gore g we headed home. Ian took me through a tiki tour of Kuta and showed me the sites of the clubs where the bombings occurred as well as the crazy tourist district.

After arriving back in the villa I collapsed in to bed and slept very soundly.

The Boys' Villa

Day 36

I have a bike! - Bertha baby sister - Baby Bertha - here she is

She's not pretty but like the other 1000's of bikes on the roads she does the job nicely. This morning after a dip in the pool, adit kindly took me first to get some Bali money then to hire a bike. For $7.50 a day I have her for 8 days so I now have transport. This is David and ians main form of transport around the island.

This afternoon we went for a tour around some of the local beaches so we joined the crazy traffic, me on Baby Bertha and the guys on Adits bike. Mum dont read the next bit :) - Protection consists of a helmet, one rear view mirror, beach shorts and sandals. Oh and your horn to beep at people. Whole families ride these little bikes. I will go out tomorrow and get some photos to show you. Just incredible !

Lunch on the beach

What does amaze me is the juxtaposition of large places being built for ex pats right beside ramshackle huts and rice paddies.

I have now returned to the villa for a late afternoon swim and nap. This evening Iain and I are going "out on the town" to check out the nightlife. I might even dance a little. :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Gary France said...

Wow. I have been travelling a lot recently and have not been reading blogs as much as usual. I just looked at yours and you are in Bali already! I really need to go back and read some older posts to catch up on where you have been. Riding a bike in Bali sounds just like riding in Thailand. See http://garysusatour.blogspot.com/2010/06/bikes-in-thailand.html and I suspect some of the sights you are seeing are similar to those I captured in Thailand last year.

It certainly sounds like you are having fun and I hope you enjoy the dancing!

Nick said...

Thanks Gary - yes I understand both the motorbikes and the sights and sounds are very similar,

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