Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 42 - Not very p.c.

Last night I started to think about the next leg of my journey. When I looked at my ticket to Kuala Lumpur I realized I was going to be arriving very late like about 11.00pm, so it would have been 1.00am before I made it to my hotel in the city that I am looking at booking. That is if could work out where to go. Basically it would be through immigration then a half hour high speed train ride to the city then somehow find my way to the hotel so I de ded to change the time I leave here so I get in at a more reasonable hour. The best ticket available means I arrive at 7.00pm not 11.00pm, but is a day earlier so I will Leave here Wednesday not Thursday.

So off to the airport to the Malaysian Airlines office I went on Baby Bertha with the hope I could find my way there and back. I tried to get some photos along the way. (below)

This is a quiet road ....

Smoking while riding .. Not very pc but very Indonesian. :)

Below the road to Davids house....

Ps... Lots of dogs around so the rabies shots were a good idea.

I am quite looking forward to getting to Malaysia and hiring a bigger bike so i can see a bit of the countryside and be a little more self reliant.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Geoff James said...

You'll love Malaysia! Just follow the millions of other bikes and you'll be fine!! Don't forget to put your jacket on backwards like everyone else.

If you venture onto the motorways outside KL, there are separate bike lanes and bikes are exempt from toll booths so they have their own little bypass lane.

Have fun!!!

Nick said...

Thanks Geoff. Really looking forward to a bit of regular bike travel. Nick.

mq01 said...

woohoo! excellent!

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