Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 45 - smelly clothes, motorbikes and shops

After an ok sleep I awoke early as I wanted to spend some time exploring. Top of the list was a laundromat to wash all my smelly clothes. I set off this morning after a very western breakfast at the hotel and a quick check in to home. I am sure i was looking slightly strange carrying a woolworths plastic bag full of dirty clothes. I am staying on the edge of what is known as the Golden Triangle so not very far to some large shopping centers and Chinatown.

After a fairly slow meander along road work infested roads I found my way to the first mega shopping mall, one just for computer stuff - there must have been eight stories of shops with only computers and phones and stuff. It was aptly named Computer City. (Plaza Low Yat) It was just ridiculous! I did manage to find a shop to get a sim for the iPad so I can have Internet access on the go for very very cheap which is great. By the time I had done that it was time for a sit down in the air conditioning.

Plaza Low Yat..

Then it was across to another super sized shopping mall called Berjaya Times Square which was like Westfield St Lukes on steroids x100. I was amazed by the proliferation of American shops such as Starbucks, borders and the like. This mall is not cheap and prices were comparable to NZ easily. I did lash out and buy a phrase book and map for my travels. I did also escape to an air conditioned food court for a bit of rice and selected morsels that tasted nice but I have no idea what they were. For someone who detests shopping malls, the one benefit is obviously the air conditioning.

Berjaya Times Square ....

Still with my laundry in my bag as I had no joy finding a laundromat (well, i did but it was too expensive) I jumped in a taxi and went to one of the bike shops I had noted down and had a chat with the owner.

For cash I can buy a bike, however, they are not that cheap, but was good to know that if I can find one this is a possibility. Tomorrow I am going off to two other shops - one a motorbike rental place so am hopeful I can make progress so I can move out of the big city early next week.

On my return to the hotel and with a determination I set off again and have found a laundry place where I have left my clothes and hopefully tomorrow afternoon I will have clean clothes to wear as I now literally only have the clothes I am wearing :)

Views from my accommodation ... Development everywhere.

Tomorrow morning I plan to go to the motorbike shops in the morning, then Petronas Towers in the afternoon.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Roger said...

SOunds awesome NIck, and yeas I am reading your blog every day. We have finished painting and carpeting the house and am busy moving, hence no comments from me. But fear not we are following your every move!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! Here in Minnesota USA we are still shaking off a nasty winter. I have only had the scooter out a time or three.


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