Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 47 - woohoo, a bike, a bike, a bike

As I said in yesterday's post, I had arranged to meet Faizal from Malaysian Motorcycle Getaways this morning for a complimentary half day ride out to Genting Highlands so I could get used to the bike...... What a brilliant bloke.

We had an awesome morning winding our way up to and down from the Genting Highlands. It was a great opportunity to get orientated on my bike - a nearly new Kawasaki all purpose bike. I have nicknamed him Big Berthas Big Brother - Blue Burtie. He is a lot higher than Bertha, but I can still touch the ground :) .. And he is of course so much lighter than the old girl with better handling around the corners.

I thought the bike handled very well and I am very excited about Monday when I will start my 10 day self guided tour. I even think that i may be able to attach the backpac on the back which would be great.

It was so great to be back on a proper bike after my 10 day break in Australia and Baby Bertha in Bali. I was seriously going through withdrawal symptoms.

Blue Bertie .. My new best friend :)

And what a professional and knowledgeable guy Faizal is who has an obvious passion for riding. Get a couple of bikers together and it's like long lost friends. I also met one of his business partners, Nick who was riding a very impressive bike that had the same stature as Bertha.

If youre looking at riding in Malaysia, these are the guys to come to. Head and shoulders in terms of professionalism and customer care if you ask me. You can check out their website at .

Blue Bertie

Coming down the other side :)

Nick and Nick .... :)

That's me

(Thanks to Nick and Faizal for a couple of these photos - i have nicked them from Facebook :) )

So after a great morning ride it was back to the hotel and tomorrow I will zip along to the Petronas towers before an early check out on Monday so I can make the most of my 10 days.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Geoff James said...

Awesome stuff Nick, well done!

Just don't stop by a country road for a pee or you'll end up as a light snack for a Malayan Tiger or a big python :-)

Looks like the perfect bike to misbehave on in the Highlands!

nonie said...

Great blog Nick. Really interesting. Makes my little trip to Ruakaka today look positively ridiculous Keep safe on Blue Bertie!!
cheers Nonie. Ps thanks for telling us how to do the comment thing!!!

Nick said...

Thanks guys :)

Anonymous said...

Loved your latest blog Nico. Really enjoyed the photos, particularly of
big Bertha's little bro, Blue Burti.
Do hope you will be able to txt us when you are traveling. Love, love, love.

Conchscooter said...

Pictures, words and humor. A perfect mixture to allow one to recall the joy of exotic travel. May your component parts never grow less.

Nick said...

Thanks Conchscooter :)

SonjaM said...

You are a lucky bloke, riding through exotic places. Please stay safe on those roads and keep Blue Burtie's shiny side up.

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