Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 48 - Petronas Twin Towers

Well, I headed off to the twin towers today first on the monorail then on foot. I have also being trying out my limited Bahasa Malay with at least a smile from those I have spoken to. Once I got to the towers I found out that the maximum number of tickets had been sold for the day so no chance of making it up the top as I am heading off early tomorrow. Serves me right for leaving it to the last, however, not to worry, I wandered around the mall underneath, yet another megamall. The upside was that I finally found a pair of clip on sunglasses for my prescription specs which has made a huge difference to walking around outside and will be a welcome addition while on the bike.

I also grabbed a bento box for lunch (Malaysian style) which was very tasty and went for a walk around kuala lumpur city park. By then it was stinking hot with 100% humidity as it started to rain, kind of. I decided to catch a taxi back and jumped in a discount taxi where I bartered with the driver as he wanted to charge me an exorbitant amount to take me back to the hotel.

Petronas Towers


Looking towards KL city park..

I am now back at the hotel and will sort out my packing tonight at I have an early start with the taxi guy coming at 7.45am to take me to the bike shop.

I am really keen tomorrow to head across the island to the other side so I can enjoy some cooler riding through the hills and maybe stay at a smaller community tomorrow night. I am hopeful that Faizal can lead me out of KL as I have visions of spending the whole day going in circles.

I am really interested to see what the cell phone coverage is like. I am also fully prepared (I think) to utilize the local public conveniences as opposed to the "western style" toilet. :) Thanks Bali for the practice.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


MasterBry said...

good luck getting out of the city Nick, and take care on those roads !
Very much enjoying the blog !

Petronas Twin Tower said...

Petronas Twin Tower is an iconic view of Malaysia!

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