Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 51 - Mersing to Malacca

I set off reasonably early this morning from Mersing and although there was no stand out scenery, just really a continuation of the same, I did enjoy the riding roads today.

Last night in Mersing I went for a leisurely stroll in to town as I was quite peckish. I ended up doing a large loop and ending up at the beach front where it was obviously a popular early evening spot for locals.

At the food stall I bought the most scrumptious dinner - two steam buns with yummy stuff in them and these other deep fried things that were chewy and you dipped in a sauce. Both were fantastic along with a cold iced flavored lychee type drink - and all this for a grand total of about $2.

I sat at the beach and devoured the food and watched as sun set. Around this time the prayers began through microphones at the local mosques of which there were a few. What also happened was that just about everyone disappeared almost immediately and it was quite eerie, but really calming. I decided this was my cue to wander back to the hotel which was obviously popular with either local businessmen or local tourists. Interestingly in Messing I did not see one other "western tourist" in fact they have been few and far between on my travels so far since leaving KL.

So anyway, after a little breakfast at the hotel this morning I set off again and soon found my rhythm on the bike again. I have found that apart from sitting in an air conditioned room, riding the bike is actually when I am the coolest. I have also been lathering myself with sun screen because as soon as I put it on I sweat it off. The roads today were great fun and I enjoyed a couple of stops along the way. At one spot in the middle of nowhere I stopped for petrol and the young chap who served me was very interested in my travels and his eyes popped out when I explained my journey. He was a very nice young man. At another stop I arrived on the outskirts of a town and decided to go exploring a little. I found a brand new suburb sprouting in the middle of nowhere. The development and pace of building toward the west coast especially is very obvious.

New suburbs sprouting up..

At one point in the day, the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour. I took refuge in an empty stall on the side of the road as I don't have any wet weather pants and I wanted to put the cover on my bag. I managed to get a couple of snaps of it. After 10 minutes it stopped and in another 10 minutes it was stinking hot again.

At another point, there was some major road works and i laughed to myself as i could again see comparisons with new zealand - just like our ministry of works, malaysias equivalent has lots of blokes sitting around seemingly doing nothing while one bloke is doing something. :)

I have decided to stop in Malacca for two nights sp I can take a day to be a bit of a tourist and have a decent look around, plus it gives me a chance to do some washing and take a break from riding in the heat of the day. Malaka is obviously a populalr tourist destination with large chain hotels and some interesting architecture. It has a rich history both in terms of Malay history and at different times Dutch, Portugese and English colonization.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


UJANG said...

Hi Nick. Good to know that you're enjoying the ride. As you rightly pointed out, Malacca is full of legends and history. Wish I was there to tell them to you (I'm from Malacca). Don't miss the museums especially the replica of the old palace. Food is abundant but Malacca is famous of the "baba-nyonya" stuff. baba-nyonya is what we called the chinese who migrated there since 1400's. Rgrds, Feizal-MMG.

Geoff James said...

Great stuff Nick!

There was an enquiry on Kiwi Biker yesterday about hiring bikes in Malaysia so I've directed the enquirer to your excellent blog.

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