Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 52 - Malacca - a rich history

Today I put my tourist hat on and went wandering around Malacca. Well, to be honest I took the bike and rode around then parked up and went for a walk.

Malacca over the years has had a number of colonial influences which can be seen in some of the ruins and also much of the architecture. From the red colours of some of the buildings to the terrace style shops and homes around and through Jonkers Walk. It is also obvious that there is more development in the surrounding areas where they have reclaimed land and are building new hotels and the like.

Jonkers Walk and Chinatown were both fascinating, however many of the shops catered purely for the tourists with tacky clothing and "I've been to Malacca" type stuff, however there were also ample opportunities to buy some "traditional giftware" and get a foot massage as well if you wanted.

In true Malaysian style there are also a number of large shopping malls and open air markets as well that I spotted in the surrounding area.

You can also hire a chap on a brightly colored rickshaw to take you around the streets.

Rickshaw anyone?

I stopped right in the heart of Jonkers Walk and had a very tasty vegetarian dish for lunch (can't remember what it was called) as well as a beer to help it down.

I also wandered down to the water where I could see the port and large ships that looked to be doing some kind of sand dredging. It is very interesting as Faizal pointed out to me that on this side of Malaysia the water is very green as opposed to the east coast where it is bluer.

After a fairly casual wander around I headed back to the hotel for a late afternoon nap before heading out tonight for a bit of dinner. I spotted a couple of places on my travels today that I may return to tonight.

I have taken it a little easy because I have managed to get a sore throat, I think from the air conditioning last night and from constantly being in and out of the hot and the cold, so an early night is in order tonight as I have a decent riding day tomorrow to head north so that on Saturday I can meet Faizal and his tour group in Penang.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Roger said...

Great stuff Nick, and good on you for keeping up the blog. Keep havingfun and try to behave.

MasterBry said...
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Nick said...

Hi masterbry .. Thanks, that is roughly it ... I did take a number of back roads. I wanted to map it with google but I can't find a way to do that on the iPad so I can manually change some of the routes to make it right. Cheers, Nick.

MasterBry said...

Hayley has the same issue on her iPad, you only get a to and from on the iPad.

If you want to give me the towns I will map it for you on my iMac, as i would be nice to track you this way :-)


Nick said...

That would be awesome thanks Bryan - right here goes
Kota damansara (went the wrong way)
Batu caves
Maran. (on no 2 I think)
Balok (stayed night here)
Back thru Kuantan
Kuala rompin
Mersing (stayed night here)
Batu Pahat then basically road no 5 all the way from here)
Melaka (2 nights)
Then no 5 all the way to here - kuala selangor

MasterBry said...

OK will post here, and day 53, as thats where you are, just let me know if I need to move the routes to alternative routes :-)

Nicks trip so far Kota Damansara to Kuala Selangor......on Goggle Maps

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