Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 53 - up the West Coast with little facial hair...

This morning I left Malacca and began my trek up the west coast with the goal to arrive in Penang tomorrow, but before I tell you about today's adventures I must tell you a funny story about what happened last night.

I felt like a bite to eat so went for a wander with the intention of grabbing a bite to eat at one of the local spots. On my wanders I found yet another mall and while having a nosy I spotted a hairdresser. I had been kind of keeping an eye out for one as my hair looked and felt a bit ragged. Anyway, I popped in to Yoong Goo and the nice young man Mr. JC took me aside and "scanned" my hair to see what condition it was in. Apparently my scalp was in a terrible mess! Anyway, he went ahead and gave me a special treatment that included a lovely head massage to remove all the ookie bits and get it "ready" for cutting. He had very strong fingers i might add :)

An hour later my head felt like new and the manager Mr Yoong decided he was going to cut my hair for me. I asked him if he would be able to trim my beard for me and he said yes and I said, not off but nice and short. Well, with the sheep shearing clippers he launched in to the trim which was actually removing my beard altogether. After my shock and horror after the first couple of swipes it was too late, and my goatee that I've had for 20+ years was gone! So now I have a clean face. I did manage to save the moustache so actually I now look like a new Zealand traffic cop from the 1970's with my handlebar moustache. :)

Yoong did a Nice job of my hair and the misunderstanding was my fault - I apologize if I looked like a stunned mullet and they say change is good so when I get the courage I will take a photo of the clean shaven me and share it here. :)

So, back to today. I have had a good ride and managed to see the sea a couple of times today which I always love. I also made some new friends.

At one of my pit stops I pulled up at what looked to be like a park beside the sea. I parked up under the tree and sat down. I then noticed that it was obviously the point at which the school kids were picked up to be taken home by the school bus.

They were all looking quizzically at me and the bike, then one of them - the brave one wandered over and said hello. Well, as soon as I said hi back and started talking to him, all his mates came over and within 30 seconds I had an audience of about 20 local school kids.

I got a photo of all the boys and said I would put it on my website, so if you do get to look at this, a big HELLO from New Zealand Nick to my new friends I made - here's a picture for you - you could get your teacher to copy it and print it out and put it on your classroom wall :)

As well as this i had a couple of other picturesque stops along the way and a good amount of highly trafficked roads. I think that "driving in the countryside"has a very different meaning over here than at home.

Much of the travel today felt like i was lurching from one built up area to another . I also visited Port Douglas a popular resort area, and i got a couple of snaps to give you an idea of the sizes of some of these places.

Somehow I managed to navigate my way around KL and through a large city called Klang. While stopped on the side of the road I found some accommodation in a place called Kuala Selangor. It looks to be popular with locals and is kind of chalet style accommodation. Tidy and cheap.

Ps. I had the most amazing curry puff today from a road stall - but not like those tiny curry puffs you get at restaurants, this was an oversized gigantic one about the size of an omelette - delicious!

Ok, so here it is .... No goatee after 20 years :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


MasterBry said...

What a great hair story, you look very tidy Nick :-)

Sime said...

LOL!!! It's Magnum PI's brother!

And you wondered why the school kids were crowded around looking at you quizzically?

Great new look - still, your goatee will have grown back by mid morning tomorrow!

MasterBry said...
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MasterBry said...

Malasya to day 53 Route.
Click below, (hold ctrl or command to open in new window)

Nicks trip so far Kota Damansara to Kuala Selangor......on Goggle Maps

Bluekat said...

See, change can be good. You just have to get used to the new look...or if not, well it'll grow back. :)

If it helps, I just cut my hair uber-short. I'm still getting used to it.

Great snap of all the kids!

SonjaM said...

You look so... 80's ;-) Hey, it is not so bad actually, just get rid of the handlebar mustache and you will be fine.

Geoff James said...

Awesome Nick!
If you grow your moustache down a bit, Zapata style, you can change from a cop to an 80's porn star! I had a Zapata in the 80's (shudder).

Loving your travels and look forward to the next post as always.

Anonymous said...

Ohmigod. Who is the clean shaven chap in the picture? You were lucky to save the mustache from your description of the barber, hahaha!!!!

Loved the blog - keep them coming.

Just been to kids hockey games. Home absolutely frozen. Off to look at new house soon.

Luv and xxxxx.

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