Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 55 - a busy social calendar

Who would have thought that traveling around the place I would have people to catch up with? I had two engagements to fit in to my day today - one with Faizal from Malaysian Motorcycle Rentals, and also to catch up with my new friends from yesterday before they headed home.

This morning I received a text from Faizal who was heading off for a quick jaunt around the island before heading to Ipoh with his group. Being on my own journey, I am not the ultra planning type so when I received the text I was still in bed, thinking about getting up. :) They were staying about 15 minutes from me so I didn't have much time for a shower and a shave :) so I just threw on my gear and organized a meeting point. I also had to zip in to reception and make sure I had booked my room for tonight as well.

So, I met the guys on the outskirts of Batu ferrenghi for a quick rendezvous as I had also organized to meet my new mates at about 11.00am as I had missed catching up with them the night before.

Me pulling up complaining about something :)


So i rode with Faizal and the young fella from Norway he was showing around. By the time we scooted through where I was going to meet the guys, it was about the right time so I bid my farewells to the two of them.

I had arranged to meet the group at the home stay they had lodged at for the night, where I proceeded to be fed the most gorgeous brunch. The group had a good four hour ride back home as they all have to work tomorrow, and before leaving the island they wanted to go to a couple of the markets which is where we went. On the way there was a small problem with one of the vulcans as the battery had fried itself, but a quick swap over of batteries and we were off again.

Thanks guys ..... You rock!

At about 3.00pm the group headed off and we bid our farewells.

I just want to take a moment here to say a HUGE THANKYOU to them for their kindness and generosity over the last two days. I have just had a blast!

I decided to stop for more water then head back to the hotel as I have a big ride tomorrow, probably to Cameron Highlands. This is of course why the "self guided" option for me works because I can make plans as I go :)

All and all, a great day!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Anonymous said...

What a great day you had with your new friends. I am so impressed with the wonderful community spirit between bikes and I am beginning to see just why you enjoy the biking so much. They are all certainly a great bunch of people, and so welcoming to my kiwi guy - fantastic.

Not sure what time it is where you are or whether you have already left Penang but look forward to next "bully". as usual, this was a very interesting read and great photos.

Love and xxx from a great fan.

MasterBry said...

So did you ride around the island, or just over to it and back again ?

Nicks Trip So Far - Kota Damansara to Jalan Feringghi - (Goggle Maps)

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