Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 57 photos and video

Not really a swimming river ... :)

Along some real back roads...

Don't mess with the logging trucks :)

On the way to Cameron Highlands ... Incredible roads...

From tonight's hotel...

YouTube Video

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


MasterBry said...

Looks Great !

Nick said...

Hi Bryan - thanks so much for the google map - am finally in a place with decent Internet acess.

The last part of my journey was -

Across and around Penang then
No 4 across to Tanah merah
Then 129 to Kota baru (night here)
Then 129 and 4 back to jeli
Then 66 to debong
Then d29 to gua masang
D30 then 185 and c7 to Tanah rata
Then 59
Then e1 to Kota damansara

I would love it if you could update for me then I will try and upload the link when I do my next entry and of course say a huge thanks to you :)

Cheers, nick.

Nick said...

Kota baru should be Kota bharu

MasterBry said...
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MasterBry said...

Nick in Malaysia June 2011 - (on Goggle Maps)

(Right Click on link above and select "open in new window" for best viewing).

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