Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 57 - woohooo, it's a racetrack...

I am having problems with my Internet connection and can't upload my photos. I will have to do them tomorrow in a separate post.

This morning dawned and after a deep restful sleep, a hearty breakfast, a shower and a shave, I was ready to go. I felt like a new man as the shower in the room was especially good.

I again studied google maps carefully as I was heading from Kota Bharu towards Cameron Highlands but I wanted to take a couple of back roads to get to the spot where it began. And boy, did I take some back roads. One of them was very rough in bits and I was again stopped twice at police checkpoints but both times the police just said hi and waved me on. I found some great scenery along the way as well as some huge logging trucks that took up the whole road.

I also managed to get some kind of sting from a strange bee looking creature on the side of my head while I was traveling along one of the most remote pieces of road surrounded by dense bush. I had visions of getting an allergic reaction and collapsing in a heap in the middle of nowhere so the next person I saw I stopped and comically tried to explain I had a sting and was it super poisonous. Well, she just laughed so I gathered I would be okay so carried on :)

After turning on to the Cameron highland road I was immediately greeted with the most amazing road. Just like a race track the corners were gentle and continuous. Raftn, if you are reading this, I thought of you - you would have been salivating with excitement at the thought of you and your triumph heading round every corner. What was even more amazing was that I had the road basically to myself. It was some serious motor biker fun, I can tell you. In fact for pure riding joy, it's again right up there. It makes me wonder what it will be like tomorrow when I head down the other side and back to KL where I will drop Burtie off to Faizal then start to organize the next leg of my journey.

I am currently sitting at the hotel enjoying an overpriced beer watching as the rain pelts down. It literally started when I pulled in so timing couldn't have been better.

Tonight I have a bit if planning to do. I have nothing organized from tomorrow onwards so need to make quite a few decisions. I am really looking forward to heading to Thailand where I am hoping things will be cheaper as I have spent more than I would have liked to in Malaysia as things, although slightly cheaper than new Zealand are not super cheap.

My current plan is to stay two nights in KL then head firstly to Phuket for a few days r and r while I organize a bike. I also want to take a few days chilling as the Thai elections are this Saturday and there is an expectation that there may be a little trouble so maybe sticking to the Phuket area while things cool down could be the order of the day.

I thought by now I may be ready for a few home creature comforts and company, but to be honest, I have met so many interesting people along the way who have shown such friendship and kindness that this could just be a life changing experience. I have just found the whole experience so freeing. It is a real privilege to travel and observe people going about their everyday lives. I have found people to be warm and friendly in Malaysia.

The other footnote i want to add is how lucky we are in new Zealand with our space and smaller population. One of the many other areas we are lucky with are our beaches. It is so evident here that any development in these areas needs to be done with much consideration otherwise pristine areas just become mini cities with pollution, filth and over zealous building. Our planners (Robert) need to be very aware of this.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Anonymous said...

Great blog Nick, as per usual. Hope the bee sting is ok today. Maybe an antihistamine in your first aid kit could be a thought, or knowing your careful planning, you probably have some already. Vinegar is also useful on a sting.

I imagine you heading back to KL. Hope you have another great ride and look forward to next blog.

Love And xxx.

Roger said...

I always read your post Nick, thanks for thinking of me.

I have been thinking of you....mainly immersed in a feeling of jealously as you ride around and we endure our winter. I am looking forward to seeing the pics that you will post of this great road.

All the Best Roger

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