Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 58 - smelly poo, windy roads and the 32nd floor

Having stayed the night last night in the middle of Cameron Highlands, I had a relaxed morning as it was only 200 odd km's to KL to drop Burtie off. Setting off late morning I had to change trousers as I had had a run in with some kind of animal poo on the road yesterday which had done a great job of covering half the bike, the right leg of my jeans and my right shoe. I was hoping that the heat would dry it and then I could get rid of it, but with the moisture in the air, all that happened was it got smelly! So now I'm back in KL I need to find a laundry a.s.a.p. I am in fact contemplating chucking them away and buying a new pair in Thailand because I have lost a bit of weight and I need to put another couple holes in my belt as I spend half my time pulling my pants up because they want to fall off. Anyway, that's all a bit personal, but there's the smelly poo part of this blog entry :)

Leaving Cameron highlands heading towards KL I was greeted with brilliant windy roads and could have been transplanted back to some of our roads at home. Check out the photos below.

YouTube Video

After about 100 odd km's of this I then rejoined the main north south motorway which is three lanes either side and has a speed "limit" of 110km's. Now to many drivers here this means 150km's an hour so you need to keep your eyes peeled, but is a bit of fun in itself for a while.

Amazingly I found my way back to Faizals office where I dropped the bike off, had a bite to eat with him and then was brought back to the hotel where I have booked in for two nights (the same one I stayed at before). Now, if you have been thinking about doing some riding in Malaysia, Faizal and Malaysian Motorcycle Getaways ( ) are the people to see. Shoot me an email if you've got any specific questions.

Good bye mr blue burtie ... Thanks for the good times...

Now when I arrived back at the hotel, I don't know whether it was because I was served by the big chief of operations, or whether it is because I am a returning customer, or even if he took a bit of a fancy to me, but I am now ensconced on the sub penthouse level (32) in a one bedroom apartment with free wireless Internet and breakfast thrown in, and all for a very very reasonable rate. Yay!

The view from the room ....

The plan from here is - 1.go to laundry, 2. Catch up with Faizal for lunch tomorrow, 3. Book a ticket to fly to Phuket from here on Friday (tickets are very cheap), 4. book some accommodation for a few nights in phuket so I can acclimatize to Thailand, 5. sort out a motorbike for my travels and 6. hang ten in the touristy part of the country while the general election takes place.

I have to say that I have throughly enjoyed Malaysia, and yes, it's been damn hot, but the people have been great and I have had a real insight in to the lives of people right around the country.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Anonymous said...

as usual, a great blog, and so descriptive too, haha!! We are so enjoying your photos and can see why parts of Malaysia have reminded you of home.

I am sorry to say farewell to Mr. Blue Burtie and can't help wondering what you will find to ride in Thailand. enjoy your last few days in KL - sounds as thou you are MOST comfortable in your hotel - an honored guest!!!

Look forward to next blog. Have a nice day tomorrow.

Love and xxxx.i

Sime said...

Petronas Towers on your do list?

Nice blog update - hope you biffed the trousers!

MasterBry said...
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MasterBry said...

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