Thursday, June 16, 2011

Say hello ...... :)

I have noticed that the number of daily hits on my blog have increased which is great, however it is hard to know whether anyone is actually reading it and I would love to know who is apart from the regular folks who comment.

SO, if you do check in and read my entries, click at the bottom of this one where it says comments and make a comment. You can sign in anonymously if you want, but do leave your name because thats just rude. :) It's really easy to do :)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Nick.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


David Everist said...

Following your blog everyday Nick....and enjoying seeing what amazing experiences you're having..!

David E

Simon P said...

Kiora from the land of the slightly higher than usual long white cloud, compliments of our Chilean friends.

I've subscribed to your blog so I know when you've made a new post.

Always a great read and I'm enjoying your entertaining observations as you travel the world.

Keep up the posting, great work Mr Boyes!

SonjaM said...

Nick, I am with you almost every day, so keep it coming please.
Cheers from Canada's We(s)t Coast.

tiger xc1200 exploring said...

will do a reply instead of just lurking and reading the trip so far.
glad the trip is going to plan as much as any plan can .
hope the rest is what you expect and will keep reading for the adventure to come to a end .


MasterBry said...

Checking in every couple of days Nick, very much enjoying your travels !

Richard Watkins said...

Love reading about your travels.
Richard W.

Mark said...

Hi Nick, I found your blog through Roger's [raftn] and his through Geoff James' blog. Have read from the beginning to here... thoroughly enjoying reading about your riding and your journey with and without a bike.

Nick said...

Hi mark, thanks for following my adventures :) ihave. Really enjoyed documenting my travels. It is a great record and heaps of fun. Cheers, nick.

Nick said...

...and thanks to everyone else too :)

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