Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 61 - I love Phuket

Well, I have spent the day exploring on my new two wheels - wait until you see her - she already has a name - it's Scoopy - as you might be able to see in the picture. She's gorgeous. Not really a blokes scooter, but I don't mind :) ... And I know I will get crap for months from my motorbike mates .... But, then again, I'm not stuck in the middle of winter :)

Meet "Scoopy"

I have rented her for four days while I find my bearings.

As I said last night, I love my accommodation. It is off the beaten track up a very steep hill. It only has 20 rooms of which only 5 are full at the moment. This must be why it's only $45 per night.

In fact across the island it is very Very quiet. This is the low season everyone is telling me ... And I love it. It is so great to be here. I enjoyed Malaysia, but this has such a greater sense of personal freedom. I realize the whole island is a holiday destination, however it still has a very different feel.

Also compared to Bali, the roads are a lot better, and compared to the vacation spots in Malaysia and Bali, there seems to have been a lot more thought gone in to planning and use of available space so that even though it is full of tourists the coastline retains it's beauty as can be evident by some of the photos.

This is Patong ... I am staying two beaches over near Kata.

My spot for an 11.30am beer....

I had a late lunch and another beer here.... :)

I spent the day today scooting round on scoopy :) i managed to get round the whole island - it was fun getting my bearings.

I have also seen a number of big bikes here so I will see what the choices are on Monday. I also saw three absolute plonkers who were obviously tourists and had hired harleys for the day and were weaving in and out of traffic in shorts and jandals like they owned the road. They were tossers of the first degree.

After my late lunch at the vantage point (above), I will head back to my accom and have a dip in the pool and a little late afternoon nap before heading out to patong tonight to check out the nightlife.

It's all good!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Anonymous said...

well, I just love Scoopy. He's the cutesy bike I have ever seen!!!!! Phuket sounds like a great place to go for r and r, and the photos are lovely. What a super holiday destination.

As usual an entertaining and informative blog with great photos. Do you intend to bike from Phuket through to Bangkok? My geography is a bit sketchy, sorry honey.

Great to read your blog when I came in from dinner with Lynne and a group of her friends. Look forward to next one.

Love and xxxx.

MasterBry said...

Scoopy hahahaha

Hayley said you will have to change your blog to "scootering through middle age".

Beautiful sunny day here today, but all of 11 degrees.

We waved out to bertha as we passed by today :-)

Sime said...

Nice pics and another great post!

Good to see you've started drinking before noon - is that to compensate for riding Scoopy in public?

Keep up the posts and enjoy yourself tonight!

Roger said...

Two wheels is two wheels reguradless as far as I am concerned. Have funmate.

SonjaM said...

+1 what Raftnn said. As long as it's motorized two wheels, it must be good. I like Scoopy!

Bluekat said...

I love Scoopy! And she's green, the fastest color you know! Lovely pics of the area. It does look like a nice place to visit and not too crowded at the moment.

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