Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 62 - Ladyboys and being a slob

So last night I was keen to go out to the local bars to experience the nightlife, however, the bars were closed as legally they had to be the night before the Thai election apparently. I still went out on Scoopy to experience the night stalls and tacky tourist shops that are lined in most of the busy built up areas.

I also found a show called "Simons cabaret" that was an extremely g rated stage show with Ladyboys. It was quite obviously a highly choreographed show for the tourist. They bused everyone in, did the show, sent you out the exit and herded the next lot in. It was an impressively choreographed performance with a cast of probably 50 and impressive stage. Sadly, I couldn't help notice that so many of the performers looked so incredibly bored, however, understandable with three identical shows a day.

However, so I could document another interesting experience - here's a couple of photos :)

Pretty impressive looking "ladies" really ....

Following on from this theme, :) while scootling around i had to take a snap of these neon lights....

So, with the bars closed i was back at my accom by 10.30pm where i chatted to the barman then bid my good nights.

Today, so far, i have been a slob ... I did get up early and popped down to the beach for an early morning dip which was very refreshing. On my return here, a bit of breakfast then curled up on a lounger with a good book, the occasional dip in the pool, with lunch thrown in.

Later this afternoon I am heading to Phuket town to look at some markets as I need a couple of new cheap t shirts, then I may catch up with the managers of my accom tonight and have a drink at the bars in Patong.

Tomorrow, i have a busy day - i have found a place, i think to get a sim card for the phone, i am also going in to phuket town to immigration to see what i can do about my visa. Also, I have found a big bike shop that I'm going to go and check out, so maybe a good thing I am having a lazy day today.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog. Cheers, Nick.


Gary France said...

Thailand is a wonderful place, but watch out for ladies carrying packets between their legs! I have been to many of the places you are seeing right now - Phuket and Patong - and I recognise some of the places in your pictures. I seem to remember there is a Harley-Davidson bar in Patong.

Anonymous said...

Blimey!!! Not sure I am too interested in these photos, haha!!! However, I guess you can call them "experiences"...

Manny is being operated on early tomorrow with the vet thinking he can patch up the leg without amputation. Thumbs in fists, i'll keep you posted.

Very cold here, quite a horrid day really.
Look forward to next blog.

Love and xxxx.

SonjaM said...

I am impressed how beautiful those ladyboys are. No surprise they chose a career as women. Packing or not, if that's what they do best let'em have at it. It's nothing different from what beautiful girls would do to make money.

mq01 said...

EXCELLENT! phuket has been on my bucket list for quite some time. enjoy the lazy day!

Gary France said...

mq01 - I suppose in Thailand that would be known as a Phuket list. LOL